We certainly have achieved a lot!

After two months of lockdown, I sense a general feeling of not having achieved much during this period. I can join this feeling as I haven’t myself worked eight hours a day, five days a week, all the time, but I certainly have achieved a lot of things. Just for the sake of self-pride and self-motivation, I’m going to list what I can think of:

  • I have learnt the Go programming language
  • I have learnt a bit more of HTML, PHP, CSS, and MySQL
  • I have greatly gotten familiar with Inkscape and LibreOffice
  • I have turned to a better workflow to reduce file duplication and to move towards reproducible science (tweet)
  • I have reviewed a scientific manuscript
  • I have (almost) written one
  • I have succeeded many little challenges involving maths and coding for my hobbies
  • I have taken care of my household and removed clutter
  • I have made it through a 30-day challenge of morning yoga [put :yoga-emoji: here]

And these are only things I consider big enough to deserve to be listed here. But there are many smaller things that contributed to the bigger ones, they are not neglectable. I’m sure you too have achieved a lot during your own lockdown period, but you don’t realise it yet. 😉

Posted by Benjamin

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