About Me

I’m a palaeo-ecologist. This means my research interest is to imagine what former landscapes looked like, and what were doing human beings there. The themes I develop the most are climatic impact on vegetation, and agro-pastoral activities. To do so, I am specialised in the identification of fossil pollen grains, spores, and fungal remains – among others – preserved through times in lakes and wetlands. But I am also curious – and able – about parallel sciences, like fire regimes, for example. My research so far led me to study European middle and high altitude areas.

The quality of the data is an important deal to me. I like to explore them using statistical tools and aesthetic visualisations. I pay as much attention to the look than to the matter. I like to optimise my workflow. I have developed tons of scripts that make me save a lot of time. Finally, I can concentrate more on questions that really matter. I also have a lot of fun with hardware.

I lecture in palaeo-environments, palaeo-palynology, and statistics to Master students in Environmental Science and in Archaeology.

I’m enthusiast. I love dancing and singing, but you probably wouldn’t like to hear it. I love lemon-pie, too. And chocolate. And crisps.

You can download my CV and find out what kept me busy recently at my blog. Don’t forget the RSS feed, too.

You can meet me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and ResearchGate, or contact me directly.

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