Good lectures make good students, and vice versa

I received a few days ago an email from the vice-rector of the University of Innsbruck. This email said “Ihre Lehrveranstaltungen […] zu den besten 20 % geh√∂rt haben” which means, according to my understanding, that the lecture I gave earlier this year made it to the top 20% of lectures given in the entire university this year according to the ratings from students.

I’ve always considered there is no point in knowing anything if not to share it with others. I pay a lot of effort in preparing my lectures, to ensure clarity and make learning easier for the students. Apparently it pays off and it is great satisfaction. Nevertheless, what I’d proud myself the most of is that it pays off for them.

I am grateful to the passionate professors I met during my studies, shared their knowledge with me, and inspired me to teach in return. But by many ways, a teacher alone is not enough to make a lecture a good lecture. I am lucky to teach to enthusiasts and hard-working students. I hope I contribute to a virtuous circle where, at each loop, students can reach higher than their professors. Congratulations to them!

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