R Made Easy

Last Thursday I gave an informal introduction to R at the Institute of Botany in Innsbruck. Despite R’s non-user-friendly reputation, the R Made Easy lecture attracted 25 people: Master students, PhD students post-docs, and a few regular employees. During four hours, the basic functionalities of R, and the most recent data handling and visualisation methods (ie, tidyverse) were covered.

Here are some feedback:

  • I really enjoyed your short course on R. Thanks a lot for your efforts. (Albin)
  • Your presentation was very well structured and easy-to-follow! And your explanations and support were nice as well 😀 (Matthias)

The slides of this lecture are available at https://www.benscoat.eu/lectures. I will update them in the future to make it even easier for beginners to learn R.

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