Learning Qt

One year ago, I told a friend—who happens to be an expert in computer science—I have a dream project. I would like to create my own software. After defining my needs and strategy, he advised me to look for Qt. Qt is a language (C++-based) and environment for software and user interface development.

Recently, after a couple of frustrating experiences with the current solutions, I took the time and started to learn with language, thanks to video tutorials from ProgrammingKnowledge. So far I’ve learnt how to display text on the user interface, how to add push buttons, check and radio boxes, how to interact with user using dialogs, how to create menu options, and how to arrange all that in specific layouts and multiple views. The basic for building a user interface. Now, I need to learn the data handling that a software has to do at some point.

I’ll let you know about the progress 🙂 The big question is, what is this secret software I want to build…

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