The new Ben’s coat has been delivered!

WordPress had powered this website from the beginning. There are so many things a blogger can do with WordPress. This is certainly the most popular platform for blogging. However it was probably too much in comparison to what I really needed. Very recently has moved to a new structure, much lighter, with just enough customisation options. This is what you’re seeing at the moment.

For you, the readers, there are now two new things that I really wanted. The first of them is comments. Just provide your name and email address, and feel free to react on anything here. Comments are moderated only to avoid inappropriate contents, but there will be no censorship. So go for it, react and extend the discussion!

Second thing is the RSS feed. RSS feed is a great piece of technology that collects the news from your sources of choice. I use it for many things, from national news to scientific reviews’ newest papers. If you too are a researcher, I strongly recommend you take the time to try the RSS feeds of your favorite journals. And concerning this website, you’ll find a link to its RSS feed at the bottom of this page 😉

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