Palaeo-ecology sessions at next EPPC

From August, 12th to August, 17th 2018 will take place the place the next EPPC (European Palaeobotany and Palynology Conference) in Dublin, Ireland. I’ll be co-organising two sessions on palaeo-ecology.

The first session, #5, titled High temporal resolution palynology and palaeoecology – from centennial to decadal vegetation change, to yearly flowering cycles and seasonal insights from stratified quaternary deposits is co-organised with Jean Nicolas Haas from University of Innsbruck, Austria. You can find more information about this session here:

The second session, #28, titled Filling the gaps about Non-Pollen Palynomorph ecological significance is co-organised with Fabienne Marret-Davies, University of Liverpool, United-Kingdom, and Havananda Ombashi, University of Plymouth, United-Kingdom. It is devoted to NPPs. You can find more information about this session here:

Feel free to submit your proposal for on oral communication or poster, we will seriously consider your contribution! The submission deadline is January, 31st 2018! All information about submitting proposals can be found here:

Looking forward to meeting you in Dublin!

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