ProMontes Award

I have been deeply honoured to receive the ProMontes Award of the Swiss Foundation for Alpine Studies, during the Phil.Alp Workshop organised in Lucerne, April 28 and 29th 2016, by the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences and the Interacademic Commission for Alpine Studies.

This award not only celebrates my own work on past and traditional agro-pastoral activities and their impact on biodiversity and landscapes in the Swiss Alps, but, to my opinion, first of all, confirms that palaeoecological studies matter and still have a lot to offer. Facing climate change and uncertainties for future generations, my deep belief is that learning from the past will provide the directions to follow for the next trip of humankind.

Not to forget the stunning works of all talented young researchers who attended the Phil.Alp Workshop, showing the diversity of studies carried out in the Alps and giving clear insights on such particular and difficult topics.

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