Year: 2018

About one of the rarest pollen

Few days ago, I found a strange pollen grain that I couldn’t identify. All candidates I had in mind did not perfectly match what I could see at the microscope. Is it a strange Fabaceae, a strange Gentianaceae, a strange Helianthemum? No idea. Even with the rescue of my colleagues Burgi and Daniela, we couldn’t come to a convincing decision.

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New year, new site

It’s been a month I haven’t posted anything here. Christmas and New Year holidays got me. Then the website has been under maintenance for a couple of days. Ironically, I’m currently enjoying all Star Wars movies (of course, in the right order).

Yoda is always a source of inspiration and motivation. So, I should not try to post here regularly, but just do it.

I’ve been busy last week performing XRF measurements. The XRF machine needs some attention every now and then, but otherwise leaves me quite some free time. I invested it in learning more what really happens behind the scene. Finally, this is another kind of these tools that I love: from a very simple mechanism, a lot is inferred. Human ingenuity really fascinates me!

I’m drafting some more posts at the moment, they’ll come in the next days 🙂

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