On this page I list links to useful resources as well as website of colleagues.

Personal webpage of colleagues

Lyudmila Shumilovskikh is an enthusiast palaeoecologist and greatly involved in the NPP World. You can find many information about her work on her personal webpage. Notably, she and her sister Elena settled a new website dedicated to NPPs.


I'm often asked how to identify them. There is unfortunately no universal method. Bas van Geel, who initiated their systematic identification in the University of Amsterdam, compiled thousands of photographs in a lab book, that you can download here.

A nice document to keep together with this lab book is the paper of Antonella Miola, published in 2012 in Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology. It provides an updated list for most of NPPs described in van Geel's lab book, as well as a few more, and names assigned to more NPPs than previously.

Finally, here is to find the latest info about NPPs: This website is meant to become a platform as complete as possible for the NPP community. So, don't hesitate to visit it and contribute!


Anne-Marie Rachoud-Schneider developed a numeric key for the identification of pollen grains. With multiple criteria available, one can quickly narrow down the list of potential taxa. The key is available here, in the *BASE_POLLENS section.