JoliKeyboard is an important project of mine. It is a custom ergonomic keyboard designed to work with PolyCounter, free counting software by Takeshi Nakagawa.

JoliKeyboard is fully compatible with PolyCounter, and offers additional functionalities such as a Redo key, and a Tab key for fast-switching between multiple instances of PolyCounter.

It features soft silicon keys with LED backlighting for easy finger positioning. It runs with DC power but connects to your computer via Bluetooth.

JoliKeyboard is a (fully working!) prototype, but you are welcome to show your interest.

JoliKeyboard has been made possible thanks to Julien Maire who designed the electronic board, and to Mélanie Rouget who supervised the 3D-modelling. Thanks also to Jan for his great help.

Oh, and did you know that JoliKeyboard actually owes its name to Daniela Festi?


JoliKeyboard is 33-cm long, 19-cm large, and 2.5-cm high. Not much bigger than a standard computer keyboard, finally.

The electronic board


The wires and tiny computer that runs the JoliKeyboard's internal program


The first, fully working prototype and its beautiful colouring

IMG_1594.jpg Actually, from now on, I use only this guy to count samples :)

What the final version will look like

JoliKeyboard v14.jpg

A counting station with a microscope, a computer running PolyCounter, and JoliKeyboard